Northern Forest Canoe Trail

A new crew of interns makes their mark
Intern crew 2017
Reflections on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Photo – Matt Brabender

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail crew is out for ten weeks of sweat and hard work mixed in with some stunningly beautiful “commutes” to their job sites by canoe, during a summer living out of a tent and swimming in pristine waters across the Northern Forest.

The 740-mile NFCT starts in New York’s Adirondacks and crosses Vermont, Quebec and New Hampshire before ending on the St John River in Northern Maine. 

Each season a small crew of interns led by our dedicated professional field staff manages and improves this resource so thousands of people can connect with the waterways of the Northern Forest. Over ten weeks these men and women immerse themselves in projects ranging from building lean-to’s, stone stairs and privies to constructing bog bridging, installing safety signage or cutting out blow-downs from rivers. Interns gain experience to prepare for natural resources or recreational management careers.

Intern showing off TimberlandPro rain gear. Photo – Matt Brabender

This summer interns will work on the Bow Loop and Rangeley Lakes in Maine, and on the Lamoille, Winooski, Nulhegan and Missisquoi Rivers in Vermont. Stay tuned for their stories as projects are completed.

Paddle the NFCT

A 740-mile long water trail? Are you tempted by the challenge of paddling end to end. Maybe you can’t fathom it in its entirety but want to dip your paddle in to test the water. Or join the select few on the crew and help keep this destination open to contemplation, sampling and completion for all.

If you are inspired to paddle on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail for a day, a week or a month, or if you want to be part of the incredible group of people who care for it check out 

Trail work on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail
Newly installed stone staircase. Photo – Matt Brabender

Northern Forest Canoe Trail by the numbers

740-mile water trail from Old Forge, New York to Fort Kent, Maine

8 watersheds, 23 rivers, 62 lakes and ponds

460 campsites, 188 access points

13 maps, 25 information kiosks and 44 registration boxes

33 Private Land Access Agreements

77 Carries over 78 miles of portage

49 towns  

2017 Crew

Crew Leaders: Will Jeffries, Noah Pollock

Interns: Andrew Blunt, Matthew Brabender, Griff Keating, James Hart