2018 Stewardship Projects

New York

Plattsburgh Riverwalk (Saranac River, Plattsburgh): Installed a stone stair access to the campsite built in 2014 at La Pierre Lane.

Raquette Falls Carry (Raquette River, High Peaks Wilderness): Improved a spur trail providing access to spectacular swimming holes and scenic vistas along the Raquette Falls Carry.

Baldwin Park (Lake Flower, Saranac Lake): Repaired an important hand carry launch on Lake Flower in Saranac Lake damaged by high water events.


Morrisville Rotary Access (Lamoille River, Johnson): Rebuilt an access damaged by winter ice.

Brownway Campsite (Missisquoi River, Enosburg Falls): Replaced stolen sign-in box and repaired access stairs. 

Coons Campsite (Missisquoi River, East Richford): Added a picnic table, sign-in box, and wayfinding signage at a popular thru-paddler campsite.

O’Donnell Farm River Access (Missisquoi River, Westfield): Created a new access path, cribbed steps, and removable stairs on the Upper Missisquoi.

Leatherneck Landing Portage and Campsite (Missisquoi River, Richford): Developed a new portage trail, campsite, and picnic area at the heart of Vermont’s first officially designated Wild and Scenic River.

Manchester Farm Campsite (Lamoille River, Johnson): Constructed a new campsite on the Lamoille River Paddlers Trail.

North Branch Cascades Trail (North Branch of the Winooski, Worcester): Led a volunteer day to install 30 stone steps and a 20-foot boardwalk providing river access.

Capon Brook Campsite (Connecticut River, Lemington):  Constructed a new campsite at the Johnson Wildlife Management Area.

Five Mile Square Road Access (Clyde River, East Charleston): Constructed a set of cribbed timber stairs preventing erosion and improving safety.

Wenlock Crossing (Nulhegan River, Wenlock Crossing): Built access stairs turning a challenging makeshift access into a safe and comfortable boat launch.

East Branch Trail (Nulhegan River, Bloomfield): Added signage and a boardwalk at the Nulhegan Confluence Hut and Trail system.

New Hampshire

William Schomburg Memorial Recreational Area Campsite (Connecticut River, town of Columbia): Revitalized a public access point and campsite recently rededicated in honor of Bill Schomburg, a long-time NFCT volunteer.

Errol Rapids (Androscoggin River, Errol): Built cribbed stairs improving access to the Androscoggin for paddlers and anglers.


Maine’s Moose River Bow Loop (Moose River, Attean Pond, Holeb Pond, Jackman): Improved campsites and portage trails, repaired privies, and cleared hazard trees and strainers at Holeb Falls, Log Jam Campsite, Spencer Rips, Attean Pond, and other sites along Maine’s Moose River Bow Trip.