Betterment Fund supports community engagement in Maine

A grant from the Betterment Fund is supporting the Northern Forest Canoe Trail’s (NFCT) continued participation in the High Peaks Initiative, a collaboration of local, regional, and national organizations working in Maine’s High Peaks region to protect important natural resources, secure public access, and support healthy human and natural communities.

“The Betterment Fund’s commitment to Western Maine is making a significant difference,” NFCT Executive Director Karrie Thomas said. “We’re grateful to have them as a partner as we carry out our shared mission in the region.”

The High Peaks Initiative and its partners have four primary focuses:

  • A coordinated approach to land conservation, resource management, public access and recreational use.
  • Permanently protecting key pieces of the region’s forests through a mix of conservation tools.
  • Ensuring a well-managed and maintained regional trails system which provides a quality and safe recreational experience.
  • Integrating the region’s recreation/conservation infrastructure into the regional and state economy through coordinated efforts which engage partners and stakeholders.

“As the High Peaks Initiative matures, we have a more compelling vision for the region and a more specific sense of how to achieve it,” Thomas said. “We’re especially excited about our ideas around developing a conservation and recreation plan to identify the magical places and logical connections that will help support our landscapes, communities and people. We’re pleased with NFCT’s contribution to this forum and the benefits of our participation.”

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