Map 10 Archived Updates

  • The 2006 map incorrectly shows a campsite at the confluence of the Dead and Spencer Rivers. No camping is allowed here. This privately-owned land serves as a launch point for downriver trips on the Dead River.
  • Spencer Stream can be a difficult stretch of the NFCT to accomplish due to waters that can fluctuate between too high or too low for navigation. Many paddlers, Through Paddlers in particular, have an arduous trip along this corridor. For more details access this Info Sheet.(June 2014)
  • The dam at the southern end of Spencer Lake has been rebuilt since NFCT Map 10 was printed. The landowner asks paddlers to portage river left left (east of the dam)
  • We do not recommend using Hall Pond and Whipple Pond to navigate to the Spencer Rips Road Portage. Instead take-out at the north end of Fish Pond and follow Spencer Road to Spencer Rips Road.
  • Paddlers now have two options for the Demo Bridge carry, including a road walk to portage the entire set of rapids, or hand-carry option around the first, most challenging drop.
  • The NFCT has installed a campsite on an island located on Brassua Lake.