Map 4 Archived Updates

Map 4 – Archived Updates

  • (July 2018) The section of river below the East Highgate Bridge will be closed from July 2nd through sometime in 2019 due to bridge replacement. Paddlers should portage river right (1000′).
  • (July 2016) A new campsite for paddlers has been established in Enosburg Falls on land owned by the Brown Family. Land on a ledge on river right in a sweeping bend in the river. (May 2015)
  • The Lawyers Landing Access is gated due to waste dumping. NFCT users can access using combo 7400 on the lock. Note that while the landowner permits to paddlers are to camp here there are no amenities, although there is often a portable toilet across the road.
  • (March 2015) North Hero State Park has paddler only campsites available. For more details access this Info Sheet.
  • (March 2015) The NFCT has installed an Aquatic Invasive Wash Station at Louie’s Landing in the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge on the Missisquoi River. Paddlers need to use this station when transitioning between waterbodies. For more information access this Info Sheet.
  • (July 2018) While the East Highgate Dam remains have been removed, due to a bridge replacement project paddlers are advised to follow the portage route described for the former dam in this Info Sheet. The bridge project should be finished sometime in 2019
  • (March 2015) For paddlers traveling up the Missisquoi River it can be impossible and unsafe to reach the north (endorsed) portage at Sheldon Springs due to heavy water flows and discharge from the penstock. If you are encountering these conditions we recommend using the southern portage option described in this Info Sheet.
  • Paddlers are now permitted to camp at the upstream take-out of the Richford Portage, on a parcel conserved by the Vermont River Conservancy.
  • (June 2018) Paddlers can camp on the Coons Family property, about two miles below the border, just to the east of a couple islands. This campsite is a good choice if you are nearing the border after the border station is closed (4 PM, and during the remainder of the 2018 season, 12 AM).  Look for a sign in a tree and a picnic table in the backyard, installed, and a sign-in box install on an outhouse.  Introduce yourself to this very generous family!