New Safety Brochures from Northern Forest Canoe Trail in collaboration with Kokatat and the American Canoe Association

WAITSFIELD, VT – The Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) is pleased to announce today the publication of “Wear It! Life Jackets Matter” and “Cold Water Survival” at Canoecopia, the nation’s premier paddlesports show in Madison, Wisconsin.  These brochures have been created in partnership with Kokatat, the American Canoe Association (ACA), and the U.S. Coast Guard.
“Since the incorporation of NFCT in 2000, we’ve been actively promoting safe paddling, including safety tips on our maps and kiosks, and working with the ACA and the First Coast Guard District,” says Rob Center, NFCT co-founder.  “The addition of these two brochures with our earlier release of the “Paddler’s Safety Checklist” continues our efforts in the promotion of paddling safety to kayakers and canoeists on the inland waters of the trail system.  We’re especially grateful for our long-term partnership with Kokatat and their support for funding and additional distribution of these public information brochures.”
“Wear It! Life Jackets Matter” stresses the importance of wearing a personal flotation device (PFD), how to choose the right type and tips on finding the perfect fit. Nearly 70 percent (as reviewed by U.S. Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary & Boating Safety 2009) of all drownings involving canoes, kayaks or rafts might have been avoided if the victim had been wearing a life jacket.
Given the northern location of the NFCT and its seasonality, “Cold Water Survival” offers suggestions on how to be prepared for paddling in water temperatures ranging from 32.5 degrees to 60 and higher, as well as safeguards for the prevention of hypothermia and how to treat it.
“As a manufacture of paddlesports apparel, it is imperative that we educate participants about the importance of wearing a life jacket and dressing appropriately for the elements,” says Steve O’Meara, founder of Kokatat.  “These safety brochures will help support the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in their promotion for safe paddling by informing participates on how to recreate on the rivers in a safe and responsible manner.”
“The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is one of North America’s premier paddling destinations,” says Jeremy Oyen, ACA Director of Safety Education and Instruction.  “In 2005, the ACA proudly recognized the NFCT as an ACA-Recommended Water Trail.  Today, we are happy to continue to partner with the trail to help people enjoy the trail safely, and with minimal impact on the land and water.  Together, we can make the paddling experience better for everyone.”
These brochures will be made available by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail to its members and to the public at paddlesport events.  Brochures are also being distributed by Kokatat to their outdoor specialty retailers.  Copies can also be downloaded from both the NFCT and Kokatat web sites.
To learn more about the Northern Forest Canoe Trail visit or call 802-496-2285.


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