The Mighty Freshet

from Walter Opuszynski, NFCT Trail Director

Many springs we don’t recognize the 100 year flood line. For decades dams sit in a somewhat idle fashion and we may wonder why people went through such great efforts to install them in certain locations. Not this year. I have been across New England planning for projects this upcoming season and have marveled at and been humbled by the amazing power of congregated moving water. Please, all paddlers, be careful out there. The power is great. I learned the hard way this season as I let a canoe slip through my fingers and eventually through the jaws of the Permanent Rapids on the Saranac River in New York. The canoe did not come out the other end as it went in, lesson learned. As we continue to get rain and many homes and roads are inundated by water, it is important to respect nature and know your limits (by harris). If you are going to be paddling this run-off, be prepared; scout well, dress appropriately, and plan for the worst.

Here are a few shots of what I have been seeing along the trail:


We have some Great Tips on the NFCT website that I always suggest people take a look at before hitting the water.

Brendan Jackson, 2010 Stewardship Intern and soon to be 2011 GIS intern also shared these pictures and video with us.

Once again, be safe, have fun, and keep us posted on your adventures!  I’m sure we will all be riding this freshet out for some time.