Welcome NFCT Regional Kiosk Coordinators

We have been very fortunate to secure funding from the Northern Borders Regional Commision to perform infrastructure work along the NFCT.  Part of this effort will be filling in the gaps along the NFCT where it would be ideal to have a kiosk or other form of interpretive information.  We have identified a number of locations where this type of information would be ideal.  We have funding to create 9 kiosks.

Proposed kiosk sites

For those of you unfamiliar with our kiosks they are two sided panels with a sectional map and regional ecological information on one side and interpretive regional history on the other.

Installing the Island Pond Kiosk, 2009

To be able to develop the content for 9 kiosk over this winter I have contracted with two Regional Kiosk Coordinators.  I’d like to introduce you to them.  For anyone that has been following the NFCT for the past few years and is familiar with our field activities, our NY-VT-NH Kiosk Coordinator needs no introduction.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. Noah Pollock:

Noah Pollock

Noah was one of our first Stewardship Interns, has performed a survey to determine a baseline for NFCT activity and economic impact, and has been our Field Coordinator for the past 3 seasons.  His familiarity with the trail, its communities, and its people make him a perfect fit.

I’d also like to introduce you to Jed Talbot.  Jed is a profession trail builder based out of Maine.  His attention to detail and coordination skills will allow us to meet this quick turnaround time for development.  Jed is also working to help us develop our Maine Trail Maintainer program and is a participating member of the NFCT Stewardship Committee.

Jed Talbot

Both Noah and Jed will be sending me “Notes from the Field” and I’ll be posting them on this blog for you to follow thier progress as they pull together local committees and determine kiosk locations.  Stay tuned.