740 Miles in One Day!

By Kate Williams

On July 24, you can help NFCT make history as part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration:  You can help us paddle 740 Miles in One Day!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a waterway or two on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.  For those of you still committing these 22 rivers and streams, and 56 lakes and ponds to memory, we have a list for you.
  2. Hop into your canoe or kayak and paddle the distance of your choice – a mile, ten, or more!  And please note that we are tallying miles per person, so bring a friend (or ten) and multiply your miles!
  3. As part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration, we will be hosting a paddling site at Haley Pond in Rangeley, Maine from 12-4 on the 24th,  along with a boatload of other regional and paddling-related events.  Come for the weekend, and add your miles in Maine!
  4. Report your mileage by 5 pm on July 24 by sending an email to 740@northernforestcanoetrail.org, or by calling or texting 802-279-8302.
  5. Join us at the Saddleback Base Lodge on the evening of the 24th for a birthday celebration at which we will not only announce the number of miles paddled, but gather with NFCT friends new and old to share a Summer in Maine dinner, a Maine-themed silent auction, live music, and fireworks!
  6. And before you do all of this, please register your planned miles in advance.  This will help us to plan for and celebrate our collective achievement!

How many miles will your boat travel on July 24?  Let us know!