Seventh Lake to Blue Mountain Overnight Trip

If you’re itching for an overnight weekend trip in the beautiful Adirondacks, look no further. This one-night trip boasts views of mountains across large lakes as well as calm meandering rivers in forested environments. 7th Lake to Blue Mountain Lake can easily be done in two days of paddling. On day one you will experience a variety of views, from mountains and rolling hills to the meandering Browns Tract. 

Launching from the 7th Lake Boat launch, head east 1.25 mile to the carry between 7th and 8th Lake (0.9 miles, wheelable). 8th lake has a great, secluded feel. At its eastern edge, a 1.2 mile, wheelable carry takes you to Brown’s Tract Inlet, a narrow and winding waterway that courses through a wetland environment before exiting into Raquette Lake. There are a few amazing spots to camp on Raquette Lake. Any of the four campsites on Big Island would be a wonderful place to settle down for the night. 

The paddle from Raquette Lake to Blue Mountain Lake goes through some exceptionally beautiful areas. The Marion River is an easy, flatwater paddle through a wide, forested valley. Your final portage, between the Marion River and Utowana Lake, is an easy 0.4 miles and is 95% wheelable. Stop to read the sign at the end of the portage about the history of the old railroad tracks running along this portage route. The string of lakes that follows really makes you feel relatively secluded from civilization just before arriving back into reality in the charming town of Blue Mountain Lake. Take out at the beach with the gazebo on the south end of the lake right along the highway. Overnight parking is allowed on the side of the road right next to the gazebo. 

Pick up a copy of NFCT Map 1 before embarking on this trip.


Trip Details

  • NFCT Section: Section 1
  • Miles: 25.6
  • Trip Portages: 3
  • Put In: 7th Lake Boat Launch off of State Highway 28 east of Inlet. Ample parking, overnight use permitted
  • Take Out: Blue Mt Lake public access. On road parking and overnight parking allowed
  • Services:
    • Seventh Lake to Blue Mountain Overnight Trip
  • Trail Features
    • Browns Tract Carry - Portage
    • Raquette Lake Boat Launch - Access