Not Quite Paddling Yet

By Kate Williams

What else for paddlers to do when the water is not yet liquid enough for paddling?  Hit the early season paddling shows, of course!  As in past years, NFCT was there to meet them this year.  Specifically, this year we hit the QuietWater Symposium in Lansing, Michigan, Jersey Paddler’s Paddlesport 2011, and Kittery Trading Post’s New England Paddlesport Show.  Here’s what we love about these shows:

  • We meet members new and old, and get a lift from their excitement about NFCT
  • We learn from paddlers what services they are looking for (big takeaway this year:  create a bulletin board on our website so paddlers can find each other for trips on the trail)
  • We join with other trail partners and corporate supporters to create one big happy buzz about recreational paddling.

Other highlights from this year include the opportunity I had to hang out with kayak through paddler Cathy Mumford at the Jersey show, and to co-present with her over the course of the weekend.  Cathy is an incredible person, both strong and warm, and she has a great story to tell.  We look forward to continuing to share the stage moving forward!

Kate and Cathy at the booth in New Jersey, March 2011

And at the Kittery Trading Post show, a few of our awesome supporters stopped by the NFCT booth for a photo opp.  Thanks to ALL of our supporters for the great work they do to get you outside with the gear you need!

Old Town Canoe & Kayak’s Scott Phillips, April 2011

Jim Kaiser, representing Wenonah Canoe, April 2011

Peter Pell from Thule, April 2011

Brian Van Drie from

And in the neighboring booth, Danielle Chaput of MITA and Ron Shaw of MASKGI

Our thanks to one and all for the great work you are doing on all fronts to support recreational paddling and to connect people to the outdoors!