Trip Report for the North Branch of the Dead River

Just in time for the reliable waters of May and June. NFCT Member Michael O’Neill has shared with us a report created after a trip he took last year with some paddling buddies. They had so much fun that they asked me to share it with others. It is a “feeder trip” to the NFCT, but sure does sound like a lot of fun. I’ve put it on my list.  You can see how this trip enters the NFCT corridor by looking on the NFCT Map 9 in the northwest corner.


At the Chain of Lakes

You can find all the details by following this link:

If anyone else has any well put together trip reports regarding NFCT adventures, I would be happy to post them for others to access.  Just a note that any trip reports should be used as supplemental information to your plans.  Michael does a great job of listing other known resources that should be accessed to prepare for such an adventure.

Here comes the freshet!  Happy Paddling!
– Walter Opuszynski, NFCT Trail Director