Our Through Kayakers

By Kate Williams

We currently have two solo paddlers attempting a kayak through paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.  Two that we know of, that is.  When accomplished, a kayak through paddle will be a first, so we are watching with interest and we invite you to do the same.   Both are using some new media tools to keep us informed of their progress, and we have linked them to the Paddler Blogs page of the NFCT website.

Gil Whitney’s wife, Kathy, is maintaining Gil’s blog, called Gils Bucket List.  Looks like Gil, in the Rangeley area, needs our healing wishes….

Mike Stavola, hailing from New Jersey, is making tracks and sharing images and updates on a Facebook page, Kayakathon.  Thanks, Mike, for the spiffy logo you’ve created for your venture.

For both men, this trip is a meaningful journey for which they’ve prepared, hoped, and created space.  We wish them the best!

Mike Stavola

Mike Stavola, on the Saranac River